Fergie makes her milk money with her new video for M.I.L.F. $

Granted, I’m a few days late to the internet party on this post, but give a mama a break – I’ve been packing and moving up our little family. (Anyone who has moved with a baby will know how I’m feeling right now.)

But let’s get back to the real topic on hand… Fergie is back with a brand new single and a brand new video, M.I.L.K $. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below. (Or give it another watch just ’cause.)

I hate the term “MILF”- granted Fergie’s changed it to “Mothers I’d Like to Follow”, but we all know what it really means…

It’s not a good song, but it’s that perfect mix of trashy, yet catchy pop. I really wanted to hate it. I really did. But dammit this is a great video.

Maybe it’s the impeccable styling, the art direction, the supermodel cameos; oh hey Gemma Ward and Amber Valletta. And ya ya, Kim K and Cheryl Teigen, and Ciara make appearances, but whatev’s, give me a good ol’ supermodel music video cameo and I’m all yours.

Kudos to the incredible hair, makeup, styling and lighting crew (and post, cuz those post peeps did amazing too.) Fergie has never looked so good, and she knows it…



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