POP Shoes debut their boogie shoes

I’ve only worn heels once in since my wee guy was born. Where I once used to never been seen wearing runners, now it’s my footwear of choice. And of course, with anything practical, there should always be that element of fun!

Enter Canadian footwear brand, POP Shoes who just launched their debut collection of light up sneakers for both adults and kids. Yay! Us grown up kids get our own light up shoes!

unnamed (1)

POP Shoes are rechargeable with each style made with premium materials and LED lights in the sole of the shoe with three light-up settings; fast flash, slow flash and continuous lights. Disco anyone?

If your feet don’t want to party all day, there is always the option to turn the LED lights off unlike most other brands on the market.

The debut Spring/Summer 2016 collection includes a low-top, high-top and a chukka sneaker – even the colour names sound like house music groups: Pink Fizz, Gold Digger, Lilac, Black Licorice and White Chiclet.


The Spring/Summer 2016 collection ranges in price from $145 to $165 (CDN) is available online now through www.mypopshoes.com.

Sing it with me: I want to put on my my my my my boogie shoes…


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