Faux Taxidermy for Nursery

Decorating your baby’s nursery can be one of the most creatively fulfilling projects to do leading up to the arrival of your little bundle.

Look at his little feet poking up and The MINI Alfred by White Faux Taxidermy peering over at him. Such a cute picture. We are loving it! 
Image: whitefauxtaxidermy.tumblr.com

Do you go traditional with frills and rabbits or superhero comic book theme? Or do you do something non-mainstream and create your own unique land of mystique and wonder for your little guy or gal?

Enter White Faux Taxidermy, a Utah-based company which creates a fantasy land filled of trendy faux animal head mounts, from rhinos to unicorns, it’s a fun way to add a little whimsy to your nursery. (Or maybe even your own bedroom.) Bonus: they also accept custom orders!

Prices start at around $40 USD and they ship internationally.

whitefauxtaxidermy.com | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram





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