Naked Nursing Tank makes breastfeeding easier

One of my main concerns when it comes to breastfeeding is what do I wear? or more appropriately, what can I wear?

Do I really want to be investing in a brand new nursing wardrobe or be limited on items to wear during this time? I want to find items I can wear that will cover what I want hidden, but still be comfortable for daily wear, fit great, be stylish (of course!), and the most important provide easy access for breastfeeding.

In my quest to figure out how best to adjust my wardrobe to this new stage in my life, I discovered Canadian-made and founded company Naked Nursing Tank

What I like about it is its simplicity – basically it’s a tank top which exposes your breasts, meaning you can wear whichever bra you like; a major bonus for anyone above a DD cup, and it’s also long enough to layer under other tops.

The tank retails between $29.99 and $39.99 Canadian and comes in sizes XS to 5X. | @nakedtank | Facebook


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